BAINWORKS is an opportunity to mix with some of your brightest peers in an action-packed weekend that’ll give you a taste of what it’s like to work for a top global consulting firm.
The weekend will consist of interactive case studies, networking opportunities and the chance to
meet with senior consulting teams at Bain & Company.

Las Ramblas, Gaudí, Dalí, Miró … Barcelona is where traditions are loved and lived but it is also being used as Europe’s melting pot for innovation by the world’s biggest players. Volvo operates a strategic design studio there for the automobile of the 21st century, CISCO is developing its City of the Future and at the Barcelona Design Week the latest textile trends are being created. All good reasons for Barcelona to be proclaimed the Innovation Capital of Europe. In this diverse and creative environment, more and more senior executives of established companies are wondering how best to face the current digital challenges and have their companies participate in this growth drive.

The convergence of the digital and traditional economy is in full swing. A steadily growing share of consumers in Europe is regularly buying online – and many of them also want to use digital channels to pay for the services they have received. The traditional payment processing services of banks are being staunchly challenged by new digital rivals (FinTechs). A successful positioning as strong player in e-payments is crucial if you want to make further advances in retail banking business models.

As managing director of a FinTech, you decide how to become a successful player in the immensely changing market of e-payments: Recognize and evaluate attractive markets, develop customer and competition-oriented strategies and creatively put your ideas to effect. Join us in this challenging task of establishing a young FinTech, from market analysis and strategic positioning to final realization.

It’s in your hands to actively structure these challenging transformation processes: that means recognizing and evaluating attractive markets, redefining strategies for attracting customers and countering rivals, and creatively realizing ideas of your own.

Bain’s consultants make the difference. We don’t beat about the bush and we’re extremely result-oriented. Our success contributes to our being one of the world’s top management consulting firms and as a result, Bain & Company has been gaining market shares for years.

Now you can be part of our success story too. We’ve got what you’re looking for: challenging tasks, generous scope for self-realization, top development opportunities and masses of fun, in a strong team of high achievers with outstanding qualities.

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Application Process

We are looking for university students (final year of bachelor’s studies or any year of master’s), exceptional personalities from all fields of study, who have strong academic backgrounds, sharp analytical skills, high motivation level and outstanding interpersonal skills.

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