Accelerate your career with a Case Study Weekend
in Barcelona with Bain & Company.
Gain an exclusive insight into management consulting
and join us for our EMEA flagship event in Barcelona.

You will have a chance to learn more about what we do at Bain and what it is like to work on a typical case team. Dive into the world of consulting and discover if a career in consulting is the right choice for you!

In Barcelona, you will crack a case together with students from nine European countries. You will help us answer the real question that one of our clients faced: should the company protect its core business by moving into an adjacent indoor mapping and tracking market? This will be a great opportunity to apply your analytical skills and experience management consulting first hand.

Do you want to be part of our success story?

Case Study Weekend “Mapping the world – What’s next in digital navigation”

Learn more about the case study

Besides being a place of historical and cultural heritage, Barcelona has become known for innovation in Europe in recent years. The city is not only a host to international, recognized events like the MWC, but also a preferred location for big corporations to test their new business models and technologies. Barcelona has become one of the leading examples of Smart Cities, one of the most exciting battlefield of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of things (IoT) has threatened and, at the same time, opened up plenty of new opportunities for traditional businesses. An increase in computing power, decrease in cost of critical hardware, and emergence of new technologies have led to a dramatic shift in how we think about traditional businesses and industries.

Our client is a technology company that currently faces the above described dynamics in their core market. As their core business is coming to maturity, they are exploring adjacent segments within Indoor Maps & Tracking market.

While the company has most of the required assets, it is still struggling to answer the most critical question: where to play and how to win? You and your team will help the client solve this question by identifying and evaluating the most attractive market segments and developing future-proof strategy to address these markets.

At Bain, we make a difference by delivering tailored recommendations and driving real change. We love critical thinking, we are number-driven, results-oriented and, most of all, True North: we never hide the uncomfortable truth. We are the world’s top management consulting firm and have been outgrowing our competition for years.

Bain’s consultants make the difference. We don’t beat about the bush and we’re extremely result-oriented. Our success contributes to our being one of the world’s top management consulting firms and as a result, Bain & Company has been gaining market shares for years.

Now you can be part of our success story too. We’ve got what you’re looking for: challenging tasks, generous scope for self-realization, top development opportunities and masses of fun, in a strong team of high achievers with outstanding qualities.

Application Process

We are looking for university students (Bachelor from 4th semester, Master as well as PhD ), exceptional personalities from all fields of study, who have strong academic backgrounds, sharp analytical skills, high motivation level and outstanding interpersonal skills.

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